Well I can say for certain that it is NOT Mrs. Curtis! Last Sunday (10/21) is the day that I laid my egg sac. In mantid language, it's called an ootheca. I perch myself upon a stick and lay this foamy substance about the size of a large gumball. It quickly hardens so that the babies, or nymphs, are protected inside. Typically this protects them through the cold, wet, winter months until spring. Now that I live in a more controlled environment, the egg sac will be dry and safe from both weather and predators. However, those pesky crickets in my cage started eating the sac, so Mrs. Curtis removed it so that my babies can be protected. Did you know that inside the ootheca, up to 300 nymphs could be growing and developing?!? I overheard Mrs. Curtis saying to someone that she "didn't know what she was getting herself into". I wonder what she meant by that...

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